RIORI Needs A Break…

The Intermission… 

Welcome back, True Believers. I’ll keep this brief after the Stealth epic.

That installment has left me drained, and I feel a break is order. Despite the $300 I dropped weeks ago renewing my WordPress account. I gotta take a vacation from all these mediocre movies salivating in my NetFlix queue, champing at the bit to be ripped to shreds or get pats on the head. In sum RIORI is taking an indefinite break. You’re welcome.

Don’t fret none. The plus hasn’t been pulled. Let’s say it’s now kinda like wedging a modern electrical plug (EG: where one contact is wider than the other) and jimmy it enough into extension cord from the 70s. It fits, but it’s hella awkward. Dig?

Anywho RIORI will plug back in later in summer, on time for its 1oth (10th!) anniversary. Really.

We all need some time away from what we love doing sometimes. Right? Right. So now I give XOXO to all of my patient subs, my girl Friday K, and any of you who stumbled onto this blog and decided to hang around. Domo arigato.

Uragawa de o ai shimashou dudes and dudettes. 🙂

The Next Time…

Dopey Jason Bateman has foolishly handed over his personal info to crafty Identity Thief Melissa McCarthy. But the whole wad was meant for “charity.”

And endless tequila shots.


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